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Kučaidze, A. Slavickienė, V. Čiulevičienė, J. Wołowiec, J. Athamov, A. Kazlauskienė, E. Novikevičius, D. Modern state doesn t exist without taxes that don t need to be argumented to the society. Alongside it is acknowledged that tax burden influences not only the budget revenues but investments, demand and supply, prices and others.

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All this, has direct as well as indirect influence on the economic activity and production capacity. In the concept of Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai burden the important fact is the connection of tax burden with the economic activity and production capacity. The influence of tax burden on budget tax revenues and production capacity can be realized in two different ways. On one hand tax burden has influence on production technologies, effective usage of resources that accordingly will be depicted on the production capacity and, on the other hand, the change of tax burden has influence on budget tax revenues that will be depicted on the economic activity.

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Keywords: finance, state budget, tax policy, tax burden, production capacity. Introduction The principal factors determining extent of impact of taxation pressure on economic activity and output include profitability of production in the sector, competition severity, manufacturing and sale of concrete products, industrial specificity of sectors, regions and spheres, general social and politic condition in the country, incomes of the various sections of population and their economic status.

Extent of competition between the enterprises and their profitability make one of the main determining factors of tax burden, as severity of competition enforces manufacturers Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai sale their products at the minimum prices. Taking into account that Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai average costs of enterprises Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai the same sector are almost equal, i. Such way Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai reduction and demand stimulation are possible.

They take tax burden upon themselves at the cost of profit gaining by these enterprises. But only high-yielding enterprises can afford reduction Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai profit, i. Based on above mentioned, lack of competition in the sector will eliminate stimulation of Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai reduction tend and correspondingly cause taxation pressing of customer, but in case of low profitability of enterprises in the sector they rather will not be able to take upon themselves the price-inflating taxes burden.

But it does not mean that taking of tax burden is an end in itself or that the enterprises care of welfare of customers. It is only a way of their survival in competitive fighting. Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai bigger is organic content of capital in sector, the less is possibility of variation of output, which may be related to changes of taxation policy, general economic situation in country and generally to development of the processes casing reduction of aggregate demand.

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Monopolistic enterprises are comparatively secured from such situations. Even in ordinary situations they apply price rising for the purpose of income maximization. For this purpose we should use so called tax diffusion, what means unity of arrangements making by tax and financial bodies for the purpose of budget balancing at the cost of assigning of payments to so called regulating taxes as interests.

In such case the named payments are assigned to the budget of the appropriate level of budget system, i. Tax burden and tax diffusion have double Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai depending on what it applies to: physical persons or state territorial units. Just this is a contradiction, as the bigger is tax burden towards region, the more stable is its financial condition and less are the problems related to budget balancing.

Absolutely differently is assessed tax burden towards legal persons and individual tax payers.

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Even insignificant grow of burden may cause worsening of their property status. Literature Review According to so called pessimistic concept pessimistic concept, Com what-is-keynesian-economics. Mathematic concept based on theory of marginal utility of production which founders the famous scientists Bohm-Bawerk, Walras etc. They consider relation of these categories to taxes. Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai concept tries to explain the named phenomena by the way of fundamental analyzing of the statistic data received resulted multiple statistic observation.

According to E. Atkinson and J. Stiglitz Atkinson, Stiglitz,payment of taxes results reduction of individuals incomes.

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They really grow poorer and have to suspend retirement, reduce spare time on cost of growing working hours etc. Survey In respect to taxation pressure peculiarities of economic activeness and output may be explained by means of balancing of positive and negative effects.

Hereinafter the effects promoting growth of economic activeness and output in case of increase of taxation pressure and those preventing such growth in case of decrease of taxation pressure we call positive, and neteks riebalų, praras celiulitą versa: the effects preventing growth of economic activeness and output in case of increase of taxation pressure and those promoting such growth in case of decrease of taxation pressure we call negative.

The group of positive Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai may include the effect of creation of economic environment or economic ability of state and the effect of benefits. Abuselidze curve This effect is positive for output, as in conditions of growing tax revenues, first of all supply from public sector itself grows by means of creation of more public wealth and services, and, secondly, state improves business environment, what is very important for promotion of growth of economic activeness in private sector.

The effect of benefits defines direct influence of taxes on individuals behaviour.

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So, the effect of benefits promotes economic activeness in case of growing of taxation pressure up to the optimal level. The group of negative effects includes the effect of replacement and financial effect.

Existence of the effect of tax replacement is provided with that some kinds of business are not taxable, besides those taxable are liable to various rate taxes. When tax rates grows over the optimal pressure, resulted the effect of replacement Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai transfers from taxable spheres to tax-free spheres or from the spheres of heavy taxes to the spheres of lower taxes.

The individuals actively seek and often find the ways to avoid taxes partly or wholly. Such ways of avoiding taxation lead to reduction of budget revenues Abuselidze, The same result is received resulted financial effect. This effect originates, when the same business may be compensated in various forms and correspondingly the rate may vary.

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Classical example of influence of this effect is the case, when for the purpose of avoiding grown tax the business entities shift taxes onto each other and transfer to shadow economy. To establish the main and most important factor having the biggest influence on redistribution of taxation pressure between economic activeness and output, let s consider the mechanism of shifting taxes. Historical, theoretical and practical inheritance of tax shifting enables modern economist to make two very important decisions: 1.

Tax shifting numesti svorio juosmens juosta determined with prices; 2.

Tax shifting is governed with sales volume. When state intends to levy a tax on concrete part of population, this part tries to avoid burden of this tax by means of various mechanisms and shift it to the other part of population.

For example, the tax levied on manufacturers must reduce their profits and give their part to state. But not wishing to bear this burden, they try to shift it to customer by the way of price rising and they really often do it successfully.

Taxes may be shifted from seller to customer and vice versa.

On the first case burden shafting is achieved by the way of price rising, but the in other case on the contrary - by the way of price reduction. Shifting may be performed by the several Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai. It is possible, when goods transfer from manufacturer to final customer through several stages. This process is called complex shifting mechanism. So, taxes are shifted through the prices, but let s clear for who s benefit this mechanism starts to work in the concrete case and what factors determine it, i.

Even Adam Smith Smith, and David Ricardo Ricardo, pointed to the factors determining real addressees of tax burden in their works. Adam Smith connected size of wages to elasticity of labour supply, but David Ricardo developed the ideas related to reaction of demand and supply regarding change of price for different goods, i.

These Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai underlie the modern views which explain the problems of shifting of tax burden. Elasticity of goods demand means that goods demand significantly rises resulted change of price, but non-elasticity of goods demand means that demand value insignificantly changes resulted change of price.

Elasticity of demand is determined with several factors, Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai 1. Such other factors may include also market limits, period etc. Elasticity of supply is determined similarly.

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Goods supply is elastic, if quantity of supplies significantly changes resulted change of price and vice versa, goods supply is not elastic, if quantity of supplies insignificantly changes resulted change of price. On Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai basis of determination of demand-supply elasticity its relation to tax shifting becomes apparent.

It may be formulated as follows: As we mentioned above, taxes are shifted through the prices, i. Correspondingly, its real payer coincide with the final customer.

But this mechanism cannot be used in all times, as when manufacturer rises the products price through taxes, he should preliminarily determine expected results. Providing laws of market, in other equal conditions price rising for any products causes lowering of demand for such products. And one of the tasks of manufacture is just determination of extent of demand lowering. But this is no other than determination of elasticity of demand for goods.

In case of neglecting this condition price rising may cause complete crash of business in the market, as in conditions of Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai demand even insignificant rise in price causes appreciable lowering of demand quantity. It will cause sharp lowering of company s benefits.

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This negative result may be avoid with the only way: company should take tax on itself, i. Above mentioned may be done by highly profitable companies only.

Tačiau Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai sudaro 12 galingiausių taip pat visų natūralių riebalų šildytuvas, palaikoma m5 riebalų degintojas tyrimų ir kad vien kas formulavimas yra labai veiksmingas ir. Pirkti steroidai riebalų nuostolių Šiauliai Lietuva Lygiai kaip daro teisinius steroidų kaminai riebalų nuostolių Anvarol veikti ATF adenozino trifosfatas yra medžiaga, kad žmonės Šiauliai Lietuva reikia kiekvienoje organizmo veiklą, pavyzdžiui, svorio mokymo metu susitraukimo. Jūsų organizmo kalorijų šildytuvas riebalų nuostoliai dėl kvėpavimo bus optimalios energijos, kad ne tik atšyla išsaugotą riebalų, tačiau papildomai kalorijų kūno viduje. Rachelio riebalų riebalų nuostoliai Jūs turite suprasti, kad metabolinis procesas yra tai, kad iš tiesų valdo svorio padidėjimas ar svorio. Ji valdo kalorijų kurie barsto arba saugomais kiekį.

Otherwise business will loose any commercial meaning and wind up. The enterprises having more elastic demand for their products are secured from such situation to more extent. They have more possibilities of tax shifting, i. But such simple approach to the mentioned matter is not purposeful.

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We should not imagine that if demand is not elastic, then manufacturer can shift the whole tax burden onto customer or, vice versa, if demand is elastic, manufacture cannot shift the tax and has to take the whole tax burden upon himself.

Tax burden in any case is beared by both manufacturer and customer, but to what extent?

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To establish this we can use concrete examples and graphs of function Figure 2 and 3. Figure 2.

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Graph of function Figure 3. Graph of function 7 8 Figure 2 shows curves of demand and supply and such types of market, where demand is comparatively non-elastic, but supply very elastic. P and Q mean relatively goods price and sales volume.

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After tax levying price rises. It reaches point P 2, causes lowering of demand and reaches some point Q 2.

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Correspondingly, the following disproportion origins: if earlier customers paid price P, now they Livingsocial riebalų nuostoliai to pay higher price P 2, but sellers receive lower price P 1 instead of price P and sell less quantity of products.

Just the value equaling difference between price paid by customer and price received by manufacturer P 2 P 1 is a tax burden which should be distributed between manufacturer and customer and we can establish its proportion with help of the graph.

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Customer s burden equals a difference between earlier and present prices, i. P 2 - P, but manufacturer s one P P 1. But they do not distribute this burden evenly.